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Fressen Artisan Bakery

Constructive Form is very pleased to have worked with Fressen Artisan Bakery on their new location at NE 72nd and Glisan. The site, converted from an auto garage, includes a new wholesale bakery, cafe, and retail area.

Fressen began as a Portland Farmer’s Market stall, and leased spaces for bakery production and sales. However Edgar Loesch, the owner, had the goal to own his own building one day. Constructive Form helped move the concept forward, in both the financial planning and physical building activities; with essential support from Gryphon Growth Group, and the general contracting team at Deform NW.

Our design captured natural daylighting from existing building openings and created a double height area for the café area, bringing an open sense to the public spaces, as well as light into the “back-of-house” spaces. New glazed operable doors at the east end of the building provide flexible indoor and outdoor café seating space. Interior eight-foot partition walls separate the café and prep kitchen.

Photo credit: Heather Hawksford

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