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Constructive Form Architecture and Design LLC, based in Portland, Oregon, was founded in 2006 by Brent Hinrichs, Simone Goldfeder and Kina Voelz. Our project experience includes new construction, renovations, and historic restorations for private, public, and institutional clients built in places ranging from urban environments to rural settings.

Common to every project is an open and collaborative approach to the design process, treating clients, consultants, and contractors as partners in a common endeavor.  We take a deep interest in environmentally supportive practices, site relationships and spatial organization, construction detailing and materials, as well as technical and system performance. We advocate for the best possible outcome for both the client and the building, from conceptual design through constructed place.

Our work draws on the many elemental characteristics and experiential qualities of a place: light, color, seasons, climate, topography, natural and transformed landscapes. We are fully engaged in crafting livable places responsive to the region and locale. Because people benefit from a connection to the natural world, and the natural world benefits when people care about it, every Constructive Form project, whether in an urban high-rise, forest or field works with the line between interior and exterior space.

We believe in and work for the greater good. We have worked in a volunteer capacity with a number of community and governmental organizations to promote civic values, social justice, and a healthier planet.

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