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Brent Hinrichs, Architect

Brent's Full Curriculum Vitae

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Selected Projects

Biwa Restaurant, OR

Biwa Test Kitchen, OR

Coleman Creek Residence, OR

Collins View ADU, OR

Collins View Residence, OR

Fairclough Building, OR

Hawthorne Park ADU Addition, OR

Hewett Residence, OR

Japanese Garden Koi Tank Building, OR

Japanese Garden Pumphouse, OR

Lacamas Creek Duplex, WA

Lone Juniper Residence, CO

Mancos Commons Mixed-Use, CO

New Heights Physical Therapy, OR

Oceancrest Cabins, WA

Sideslope Ravine Residence, OR

Edris Morrison Building Studio, OR

prior to 2006


With Studio Urbis


Frog Hollow Farm Café, CA

Pacific Reefs Residence, CA

Pittsburg Senior Center, CA

Shell Ridge Residence, CA

ThatOne Offices, CA


Brent Hinrichs, Designer


Lockwood Creek Residence, WA


With John Cava


Forest Heights Residence, OR


With Charles R. Myer


Belmont Day School, MA

Fayerweather Street Day School, MA


With Studio of Architecture


Terrace Courtyard Residence, WA


With Deffet Architectes


Regional Forestry Building Competition, Belgium


With Maurice K. Smith


Coolidge Point Residence, MA


With Peter Wright Studio


Mill Brook Residence, MA

Park Studio Addition, MA

Scarrow-Anderson Residence, MA


With Buttrick White & Burtis


Chess & Checkers House, Central Park, NY

Loeb Boathouse Restaurant, Central Park, NY

Tower Records Stores, NY, DC, PA, CA


With Buckhurst Fish Hutton Katz

Adaptive Reuse: Opportunities for Housing in Old Buildings, CT

Urban Planning Surveys and Reports, NY, CT, NJ

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