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Dinner with George

As the end of a one year and start of the next approaches, we’ve been reflecting on what has brought us to now.

Earlier this year, Simone Goldfeder, a founding principal at Constructive Form, met with her retired colleague and friend George Homsey, FAIA, (2006 Maybeck award recipient) in San Francisco to celebrate his recent book publication, Dinner with George, a series of conversations and interviews.

A founding principal of Esherick, Homsey, Dodge and Davis (EHDD), George is well known for his work at the iconic Sea Ranch, Bay Area regional residential and housing work including the Rubin House, and later for larger public projects including the Sacramento State Archives, The Cannery, and Garfield Elementary School in San Francisco. He later produced design guidelines for the Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks, and designed a broad portfolio of wine country residences and high mountain projects including the Deer Valley Ski Lodge.

During Simone’s architectural days at EHDD, she worked with him on projects such as the Hartnett residence at Sea Ranch, cabins and General Store near Lake Tahoe, and the Blue Oak Residence in Napa Valley; all distinct landscapes and projects.

From this time, she continues to build on a direct and humanistic approach to architecture and way of thinking that integrates regional architecture and landscapes, robustness and longevity, and designs that are layered, nuanced and exuberant; emphasizing and translating life into buildings.

At Constructive Form, Simone continues to incorporate these qualities into our projects here in the Pacific Northwest, and we look forward whilst continuing the lessons from George and many others.

George Homsey residence in San Francisco

George Homsey residence in San Francisco. Images from Dinner with George.

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