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Community Collaborations

We value the time (and wish we had more of it!) that we are able donate to causes we care about, and would like to highlight a small ensemble of the great community volunteer organizations that we have had the privilege to partner with recently.

We worked with Volunteers of America do some quick work to keep their Family Relief Nursery in compliance with building code. The Southeast Portland facility provides support services for families and young children.

We are also pleased to support Friends of Zenger Farm in their work educating the next generation environmental stewards, land conservationists, and sustainable farmers at their annual fundraiser, Farm to Table, on September 30. We donated a weekend coast getaway at the Coleman Creek Residence to their live auction. Buy tickets to the event here.

Finally, we wish to congratulate Verde on their progress with the Living Cully project. We created a prototype design of a series of small service buildings for the community garden area early in this projects life, and are delighted to see how far the whole project is progressing. If you are interested in contributing to their effort to see Cully Park open in 2018, you can donate and read more here on their fundraiser page.

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