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Greetings in the New Year!

We wish you the very best as we move into a New Year, and look forward to talking with you about your upcoming projects and plans.

2020 had been a steady year for us, despite the worldwide challenges. We completed some delightful projects including assisting Ainsworth United Church and Volunteers of America with improvements to their spaces in order to help them safely serve their communities, designing a new office workspace in Sullivan’s Gulch, and multiple reimaginings of residential spaces as people have required more flexible spaces for working and learning from home.

On a personal level there were opportunities to work in the outdoors; experimenting with gardening for food and habitat, and ‘re-wilding’ in a conservation zone with native plantings in collaboration with Portland Audubon and the Backyard Habitat Program.

Now we look ahead to 2021 with anticipation as the world begins to reopen and design works begin coming to fruition with the start of construction. We are also certainly looking forward to some new projects currently ‘on the boards’.

If you’re thinking of starting a project in this new year or simply wanting to brainstorm ideas, we’d love to talk further!

From all of us at Constructive Form


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