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Biwa Restaurant

Portland, Oregon 2016

Biwa is a beloved Japanese-style restaurant located in the Pine Street Studios building in Southeast Portland and was designed by Constructive Form in 2007. In 2016, we redesigned the space incorporating the qualities and materials of the original design, and redefined it by adding a new copper-covered bar and creating two distinct lounge areas. The new design interventions enhance Biwa’s casual Japanese-style restaurant and bar atmosphere, and give it a better functionality for new directions, products and offerings that the company will bring to the market.

Maintaining the functionality of the existing kitchen while integrating the new elements, posed a challenge. We added interlocking lengths of wood sections arranged in vertical and horizontal planes to screen the previously open kitchen from the seating area. These were attached to a stainless steel tube structure that bridges across the space and links to the new bar area.

The lighting scheme includes simple track lighting with LED fixtures, and features several other pendants and artist designed light fixtures.

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