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Hawthorne Park ADU Addition

Portland, Oregon 2012

This compact addition is on the site of the former garage for a 1913 home on a 50-by-50-foot corner lot. It is designed as a studio for the homeowners and can be converted into an attached accessory dwelling unit (ADU) at a later date.


The rooms are organized to maximize natural daylighting, ventilation, and views into the two outdoor spaces. The rooftop can be accessed from a pair of skylights. Rainwater is retained on-site for irrigation of planned native gardens providing an urban wildlife habitat.

The concrete foundation slab is the exposed interior finish surface, and includes hydronic floor heating. Douglas fir tongue-and-groove decking is used for the structural floor of the upper level. Triple-glazed windows are used with walls and roof insulated above code standards. This project is all electric, with no fossil fuels used on-site within the addition.

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