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ADieU To Winter

Portland has been going through a surge of interest in Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s) and we have a number in progress. ADU’s can be free-standing, an addition to an existing residence and/or re-purposed from space within an existing home; and are seen to be a way to thoughtfully increase density within existing neighborhoods.

This ADU is an extension to an existing house that Constructive Form designed several years ago. It was a chance to revisit some of the original design ideas, and to make for an improved entry pathway as the scale of the building now moves up the slope.

ADU’s Under Construction

SW 42nd

One project we are highlighting here has aspects of adding-on and reuse; with an attached ADU as well as providing another extension to the existing living space. The client’s goals were to provide multi-generational ‘aging-in-place’ living spaces for both sets of grandparents at the main level of the two story home.

SE Ivon

Another project, now finishing-up, is a detached ADU set within a backyard. The main floor level is slightly excavated to both sit within the existing topography and to provide options for visual privacy towards the elevated main house.

NE Cleveland

This project could be thought of as an ‘ADU in-waiting’. It is designed to support the family’s need of additional living space for now, but could be readily converted at some later date while meeting ADU zoning and building code requirements.

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