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Promoting Health Thru Multifamily Housing Planning Study

Portland, Oregon 2014

Client: City of Portland, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability in collaboration with The Housing Development Center and Carleton Hart Architects

Scope: Planning Study

Constructive Form was engaged as a design consultant by the City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BOPS) to help develop a Best Practices Handbook for promoting the health and welfare of residents in existing and future multi-family housing projects, with an emphasis on existing apartment complexes in East Portland.


Together with our partners, we visited several East Portland apartment complexes and conducted an existing site and building typology assessment. Our visits gave us the insight needed to develop a set of improved site and building design recommendations. We also compiled a series of strategies, policies and code recommendations for meeting the project’s health and equity goals. Finally, we provided the 3-D models, sketches, photos, urban design diagrams and illustrations featured throughout the Handbook.


We also had the opportunity to present some of our findings and illustrations to a community youth workshop, which was a highlight of this project. Download a pdf version of the handbook here.

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