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Noraneko Ramen Shop & Bar

Portland, Oregon 2015

Client(s): Biwa Restaurant

Scope of Work: Full architectural services; project management during construction; coordination with Multnomah County Health and the City of Portland

Noraneko is a new ramen shop in close-in Southeast Portland. We preserved many of the space's existing industrial qualities: open web steel trusses, weathered galvanized metal decking and rough concrete floors.


The Japanese-scaled guest area is interspersed with steel columns off of which we built benches, countertops, and the bar. Also attached to these supports are layers of reclaimed plywood, clear sealed cement board, 2x wood components and mirrors. These serve as room dividers. The lighting scheme includes simple track lighting with LED fixtures and Isamu Noguchi light fixtures.


Another major concern, in addition to the design of the dining area, was the functionality of the kitchen and storage mezzanine, which would serve Noraneko and its sister restaurant, Biwa.


We also designed Noraneko's brand package and coordinated neon sign production.

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