Ivon Street ADU

Portland, Oregon 2017


This Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) project is for a new detached residence in Southeast Portland. The new home is located at the southeast corner of the property to maximize access to

day-lighting, maintain privacy and views of the existing house and neighbors, and to minimize the visual impacts from the existing public street. The compact two bedroom plan integrates a covered entry, built-in storage to maximize efficiency, and an open kitchen-dining-living-outdoor space. The two-story structure is constructed of advanced wood framing, and a concrete foundation slab. The project is all electric, with an energy efficient heat pump for heating and cooling, and natural ventilation. Interior transoms, high ceilings and rooms with windows on at least two sides, maximizes daylight, reduces electrical usage and contributes to the more spacious feel of the interior spaces. 

1222 SW Broadway

Portland, OR 97205


T: 503.894.9638

E: info@constructiveform.com

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