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Giraffe Goods

Portland, Oregon 2018

A shop-within-a-shop tucked into the playful artisan curios retailer, Cargo, Giraffe Goods is a delicious grab-n-go deli, saké shop and purveyor of Japanese specialty goods.

The bay housing Giraffe Goods is framed by the ruddy brick walls and large Douglas Fir beams and ceiling, directly functional elements that make up the character of this historic industrial building.

The design approach for this shallow, narrow space matched Giraffe’s minimal opening resources. Plug and play components were carefully integrated into a custom order counter. Sleek display shelving showcase myriad colorful Japanese products. A small dine-in seating area overlooks the bustling Central Eastside District street, providing a spot for a quick pause to enjoy a meal or snack before continuing on with the day.

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