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WYIM Building Offices

Tigard, Oregon

Client(s): Private

Scope of Work: Architectural services from pre-design through permitting

This addition is a tenant improvement project in Tigard, one of Portland’s southwestern suburbs. The project, an addition to a 1960’s era office building, is an expansion upon the office suites currently inhabited by our clients. We’ve proposed minimal changes to the exterior of the current building, several updates to the interior, and new construction along one side of the building.


The perimeter walls of the existing building were framed in wood and the roof was built with exposed timber beams and decking. The new construction matches the character of the existing exposed framing while meeting current thermal insulation and mechanical system efficiency standards. We are redesigning the existing restroom to meet current accessibility standards. The new office and meeting room areas, meanwhile, are designed for acoustic comfort, good day-lighting and ventilation, and ­­­­workers are screened from view from the adjacent, busy street.

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