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Sullivan's Gulch Office Renovation

Portland, Oregon 2019

Our client, Squishymedia, an app and design-based tech company, came to us as they were looking for a new building to purchase and call home. Fast forward a few months and this former furrier building less than a block off of SE Sandy Boulevard was identified, and the clients took the leap.

We were tasked with staying true to the warehouse-like bones of the existing structure with an eye toward creating a light filled, flexible space. We used light-colored walls to reflect the daylight pouring through the industrial sash windows, while transom windows in interior spaces allow the daylight to reach deep into the building, creating even and generously lit works paces throughout.

Given the ever-changing nature of workplace environments, the client wanted a larger, general work space coupled with smaller break-out work rooms as well as spaces for socializing and connecting with co-workers and clients.

Future phases will include a rooftop terrace bedecked with a solar array and exterior seating in the vacated street that Squishymedia shares with See See Motorcycles, a famous local hang out for enthusiasts and a tourist draw.

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