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Lincoln Street Music Studio

Portland, Oregon 2007

This creative workspace project is located within the basement of a 1920s-neighborhood house. The space is below the ground-level grade at the base of the building, though elevated above the adjacent street corner. A new cantilevered porch roof provides shelter for the glazed entry with a landing for the new stair that leads to the renovated space. The existing basement level was excavated to provide for more vertical height, and a new slab was cast for the floor construction.


The interior is arranged as three sound-spaces: two contiguous and one isolated. Walls are angled relative to each other to improve the acoustic dynamics. Sound isolation techniques included double wall construction, heavy insulation, sealants, and resilient attachment methods for the floor, wall, and ceiling surfaces. Windows and doors used high STC construction-rated materials and hardware. Electrical and mechanical systems were designed to reduce recording and mixing interference.

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