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Ivanhoe Alley Garage and Studio

Portland, Oregon 2018

Located in a hilly area of Southeast Portland, this project replaced an older garage with a new, flexible 280 square foot studio and garage.

The mid-block site had a pre-existing zero lot line perpendicular to an alley. The new detached garage sits in the site’s southeast corner, nestling along the west property line and south alley edge, to maximize the open space for the garden at the south and to minimize any impact of the roots of the existing tree.

Accessed directly off the alley, the new vaulted, garage space can be used as a studio, guest house or ADU. A large bank of windows look out onto the rear yard while the north door will connect to a future porch, path and shared outdoor space between the house and garage.

The tall vaulted ceilings and generous glazing create an interior space that belies the structure’s small footprint. The roof slope is compatible with the existing house for visual integration, and cantilevers at the north and west to provide a covered porch and walkway.

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