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Humboldt Corner Renovation and ADU

Portland, Oregon 2018

This project encompassed the renovation of an existing North Portland home as well as an addition that could be transformed into an ADU.

The house is situated on a highly visible corner lot with a long western edge. The one-bedroom addition hugs the eastern property line and extends from the south of the original structure. Its roof form and exterior details integrate well with the existing home.

The new addition has exposed concrete floors, vaulted ceilings, a skylit mudroom shared with the house, and features a separate entry with its own private outdoor space.

A screened entry porch along the street side of the house provides privacy and a buffer from the street while defining the site’s gardens at its western and southern edges.

The renovation included upgrades to the existing home’s kitchen and bathroom. It also boosted the structure’s energy-efficiency with a new wood-burning fireplace insert, windows, and insulation.

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