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Golden Deer Restaurant & Bar

Portland, Oregon | Study Drawn Up in 2014

Client(s): Private client

Scope of Work: Feasibility study through design development and pricing; initial coordination with Multnomah County Health and the City of Portland

This modern, Korean inspired restaurant is located in a corner tenant space on the main level of a mixed-use building in Portland’s Central Eastside.


Originally an industrial warehouse, this broad and lofty space needed to be carefully broken up in order to serve different groups of clientele and to lend the restaurant a subtly Asian sensibility. Paying special attention to lighting, acoustics, and traffic flow, we partitioned the space into three distinct sections: a bar and waiting area, a restaurant dining area, and a functional service area that includes an oyster shucking bar and fish preparation area, as well as a wood fired grill and hearth.


Natural light was a quality missing from this cavernous space. We left its original wood frame intact, but added a glazed corner to let in natural light and allow for views of the neighborhood at large.

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