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Hamilton Creekside

Portland, Oregon 2016

This project included the design of additions to an existing 1989 house in Southwest Portland to support multi-generational living for the owners families. The site included an environmental zone overlay following the bank of the creek downslope. The existing house was of a generous size, however the building now needed to provide two sets of accessible living areas at the ground level. 


One addition accommodates a bedroom suite adjacent to the existing kitchen and family room, while a linked accessory dwelling unit (ADU) extends to the south and west with an independent entry pathway. An extension of the south facing deck allows for a shared outdoor gathering space and an exterior access between the house, the addition, the attached ADU and the backyard. The project makes use of independent ductless air-to-air heat pump systems for the two new areas. In addition to mechanical ventilation the banks of windows, and several skylights, allow for seasonal passive ventilation as well as ample daylighting and views to the adjacent landscape. 

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