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Cleveland Residence Addition

Portland, Oregon, 2017

This garden studio could be described as an ‘ADU in waiting.’ It’s a one story attached addition that is designed to provide a warm and functional living, work area and guest space; but it can be readily converted to an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) since zoning and building code requirements are already met.

The design is located in an established NE Portland neighborhood, where the owners have preserved the house built circa 1900s. The majestic fir tree on the site further adds to its historic Pacific Northwest setting. As such, the addition – placed at the north edge of the yard – preserves outdoor space with a shared courtyard and gardens with an outdoor deck. Having it’s own separate access brings privacy and the potential to be converted to an attached ADU with minimal changes, including a second floor and a roof deck.

A glazed vestibule with skylight opens up to the one bedroom studio with tall ceilings, balanced daylight from multiple directions, interior transoms for borrowed light, and south facing windows. The result is a light and bright space with exposed concrete floors, and inflecting the surrounding urban environment.

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