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Antica Terra Tasting Room Furnishings

Dundee, Oregon 2013

Located in Dundee, Oregon, the tasting and barrel storage room for this working winery required additional storage and display for wine bottles, books, foodstuffs, wine tours, and a work surface. The client requirements were that the new storage furnishings be a simple, functional, and beautiful backdrop that qualitatively adds to the overall space without distracting from a person’s experience of why they are there: to taste the wine.


The display and storage system is custom fabricated tube steel, and clear sealed finish-grade plywood shelves, wine crates, and boxes are inserted into this metal framework. This framework is set against cement board panels on three sides. The wine crates and boxes, bottles and food jars are backlit to create a subtle effect for overall ambient lighting; in addition to specific areas where point source task lighting is desired.

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