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Alpine Lake Mixed-Use Building 

Portland, Oregon 2019

Located in East Portland near the western slope of Mt Tabor, this 3,000 square foot mixed-use commercial project shares a level 11,000 square foot site with one of the largest and oldest American chestnuts in the city.

Originally a decades-old cabinet and millwork shop, this single-story concrete building was built in 1940. We completely modernized the building, including seismic and ADA upgrades. Finishes were revitalized with a ground and sealed concrete floor, shell-blasted concrete walls and exposed wood roof structure with tongue and groove decking. All new MEP systems were installed, including heat pumps for each tenant space, a new ADA bathroom, electrical systems and LED lighting.

The property houses five compact tenant spaces, each with their own outdoor entrances and covered vestibules. Each space is generously bathed in natural light from skylights, windows and glass doors.

The exterior paint scheme recalls the spring colors of the Pacific Northwest with chartreuse greens, blue rains and shower soaked black brown branches.

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